COVID-19 Information statement
COVID-19 Information statement

COVID-19 Information statement

Given the recent developments concerning COVID-19, we want to make sure you are informed about our approach and how this may impact our relation.


Our production and supply currently remains unaffected by COVID-19 and we see no risk of supply in the near future. Of course, we can not control how this situation evolves. If we would identify any factors that might adversely influence our supply in any way, we will get in touch with you to decide on the best way to handle this.


Following the recent outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 disease, we have taken measures to handle this new situation and to make sure that an impact on our production and supply is avoided or kept to the absolute minimum.

  • We closely monitor national and international advice and rules to avoid the further spreading of the disease.
  • We have stopped international travel of our staff. Instead, we encourage our staff to make use of the available digital meeting tools as an alternative.
  • We cancelled attendance to or postponed events where a lot of people gather.
  • If possible, we let employees work from home. Of course, everyone remains available as usual.

When considering travel to or meetings with customers, we will also take into consideration any rules that may apply at the customer’s company.

All aspects considered, things remain business as usual. We are only organizing ourselves in a different way to make sure that our service remains unaffected and our staff remains healthy.

We hope this statement contains an answer to concerns you might have with COVID-19 in relationship to our collaboration, Of course, we remain at your disposal for any additional questions you may have.

Stay healthy!