UKCA Marking
UKCA Marking

UKCA Marking

UKCA Marking for nonwoven geotextiles

BontexGeo has made a significant stride in the geotextile industry by already obtaining the UKCA marking for their products, even though the deadline was postponed until 2025. This certification indicates that the company’s nonwoven geotextiles meet the stringent standards and regulations set by the UK government, making them suitable for use in the UK market. The UKCA marking is crucial for companies looking to sell their products in the UK post-Brexit, as it provides customers with the assurance that the products have undergone rigorous testing and meet the necessary requirements for use in the country.

BontexGeo EcoVadis 2Certificate Renewal 2022

What is UKCA marking?

The UKCA marking is a new product conformity marking that applies to construction products placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland) as a result of the Brexit transition. It replaces the previous CE marking and demonstrates that a product complies with relevant technical and safety requirements in the UK. The deadline has been postponed a couple of times and is now set at 1 July 2025.


One of the key benefits of the UKCA marking for UK customers is the assurance of product quality. The UK government sets strict standards for products sold in the country, and the UKCA marking indicates that BontexGeo’s nonwoven geotextiles have met these standards. This means that customers can have confidence in the quality and safety of the products they purchase. The UKCA marking also demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing products that meet the needs and requirements of its UK customers.

Another benefit of the UKCA marking is that it simplifies the purchasing process for customers. With the certification, customers can be confident that the products they purchase meet the necessary requirements for use in the UK. This can save time and effort in the purchasing process, as customers do not need to conduct additional research or testing to ensure that the products meet the necessary standards.

In conclusion, the UKCA marking for BontexGeo’s nonwoven geotextiles is a significant accomplishment for the company and a major benefit for UK customers. The certification demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high-quality and safe products, and simplifies the purchasing process for customers. The UKCA marking is a testament to the company’s expertise and its ability to meet the needs and requirements of the UK market.

Available documentation

4 UKCA certificates are available for the nonwoven products produced by BontexGeo in Zele, Belgium covering the whole range of nonwoven geotextiles. As of 1 March 2023 the UKCA certification logo and information will be displayed on the rolls, shipped to the UK, and corresponding documentation can be obtained through our UK sales team.

Woven geotextiles

At this moment, BontexGeo does not yet have UKCA marking in place for the woven geotextiles.
This approval process is underway and once the UKCA marking is in place, this information will be shared.

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UKCA Marking for Bontec nonwoven geotextiles

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