BontexGeo Group

BontexGeo Group

BontexGeo Group

BontexGeo Group

is a continuously growing group of developers, manufacturers and sellers of geosynthetics and other high-quality materials for the construction and infrastructure industry.

While their applications are diverse, all products have one proven key benefit in common: they reduce the environmental impact of building projects while increasing the performance and lifespan of the finished structures.

Next to BontexGeo, with locations in Belgium and Hungary, the group has member companies across Europe: 


ABG is a UK based market leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high performance geosynthetics. The diversified product portfolio contains an extensive range of drainage geocomposites, complete systems for green and blue roof installations, and various other geosynthetic products for use in various civil engineering, environmental and sustainable building projects. 

ABG | Creative Geosynthetic Engineering


Geotexan, based near Seville in Spain is dedicated to the development, manufacturing and sale of high-quality nonwoven geotextiles, synthetic fibres and other geosynthetic products.  The highly qualified team supports customers with a strrong focus on product performance and long-term partnerships.  



Based in the Swiss Jura canton, Stratex has a track record of more than two decades in the manufacture, sourcing and sale of geosynthetics and other materials for the building and construction sector. In order to guarantee fast delivery, the company is equipped with a large warehouse facility and in-house transport services. It has an extensive range of woven and nonwoven geotextiles, an assortment of drainage composites and others for use in construction, infrastructure, … 

Stratex Geosynthetics


Teragéos has specialized in the design, production and sale of state-of-the-art geosynthetics for use in construction and environmental projects. Based south-east of Lyon, Terageos has developed an extensive commercial network throughout France. The product range consists of high-quality geosynthetics including geotextiles. These have proven highly effective and cost-efficient in addressing erosion control, drainage, waterproofing, soil reinforcement and other civil engineering challenges. 

Teragéos | Géotextiles

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