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At BontexGeo we take pride in creating products that contribute to a more sustainable construction industry and world.

A study performed by ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) and ESU-services Ltd.  (commissioned by EAGM) shows that the environmental impact of construction is lowered significantly when geosynthetics are incorporated in the design (in comparison to conventional construction designs).
In the case of a filter layer, the use of a geotextile filter (a) in comparison to a conventional gravel based filter layer (b) results in:

  • impacts that are less than 25% of the impacts of a conventional gravel based filter, for all impact category indicators that were investigated.
  • a non-renewable cumulative energy demand for the construction of 1 m² filter with a lifetime of 30 years of only 19 MJ-eq (a) compared to 131 MJ-eq (b)
  • a cumulative greenhouse gas emissions amount of only 0.81 kg CO2-eq (a) compared to 7.8 kg CO2-eq (b)
Environmental impacts for 1m² filter layer, scaled to 100%


Naturally, we want to make sure that our processes to create and supply these products contribute in a positive way to a more sustainable future. In order to accomplish this, we have put several policies and practices in place throughout our organization.

  • We comply to all relevant laws and regulations regarding the environment.
  • We continuously stimulate the environmental awareness of our employees by providing regular toolbox trainings on specific topics, such as waste sorting, the storage of chemicals,…
  • We monitor and improve, where possible, our production process, equipment and the use of resources such as gas and electricity.
    Through improvements and investments we have for example been able to reduce the gas consumption per ton produced fiber by more than 10% compared to 2015.
  • We minimize the amount of waste produced on our production lines. If we do produce waste, we have several partnerships in place to make sure these materials can be used for other applications, thus avoiding the creation of actual waste.
  • We source electricity from renewable energy sources.
  • Our management systems are certified according to ISO 14001:2015 (BontexGeo Kft / BontexGeo NV), verified by external notified bodies.

Health and Safety

Our people are of utmost importance to us. Without our dedicated teams, we would not exist.

At BontexGeo, we want to make sure our people feel safe and healthy when they are at work. To achieve this, we have a very strong culture towards health and safety, which is reflected in our policies and actions that we take.

  • We continuously strive to have no accidents without lost time.
  • Safety is priority number one in everything we do.
  • We empower our staff to intervene when they observe unsafe behavior by others.
  • We regularly train our people on relevant health and safety topics so they can support and contribute to our goals.
  • We identify causes of unsafe behavior or situations and eliminate these throughout the entire organization.
  • We comply to all relevant laws and regulations regarding health and safety.

You can read our company HSE policy here.

If you have any questions concerning our approach to HSE or how our products can help you, feel free to reach out to us.