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Product brochure

Bontec is a BontexGeo product brand of geosynthetics which offers a large range of nonwoven and woven geotextiles produced from raw materials including polypropylene and polyethylene. Bontec is widely used in Civil Engineering for separation, filtration, reinforcement, drainage and/or protection.

A large number of available product types meet the individual project or application needs in terms of tensile strength, density, mechanical properties and water permeability.

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Installation guidelines

Bontec nonwoven geotextiles lend valuable qualities to numerous groundwork construction applications. The hydraulic properties of the product stimulates the buildup of a natural soil filter in the adjoining soil to ensure long term filtration stability. It is a perfect choice for the protection of sensible layers or separation of different soils ranging from clay to coarse granular fill.

Correct installation is key for the good functionality of our products, the following document provides guidelines for use and installation.

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