Guidelines for unloading and installation

Guidelines for unloading and installation

BontexGeo supplies high quality products for use in various types of construction projects. We strive to ship our products in the best conditions. To assist in maintaining the quality and integrity of the products, please find below guidelines to help you with the unloading and installation of our materials.

Legal EntityGuidelineLanguage
BontexGeo Kft.Unloading GuidelinesEnglish
Installation GuidelinesEnglish – Non woven
Hungarian – Non woven
BontexGeo NVUnloading GuidelinesEnglish
Installation GuidelinesEnglish – Woven
English – Non woven
Hungarian – Woven
Hungarian – Non woven

Please note that BontexGeo cannot be held liable for any accidents, unsafe situations, damages, delays or—not limited to—other topics related to unloading or installation. These guidelines give an indication on how to unload and install goods from BontexGeo but the sole responsibility for unloading or installation lies with the customer or the responsible company.

For more information, please reach out to your BontexGeo contact or through