BontexGeo acquires Terageos

Zele, 13/01/2021 – The BontexGeo Group, a European industry leader in the production and sale of geotextiles for civil engineering applications, has agreed on the acquisition of 100 % of the shares of the French based company Terageos SA, specialized in the production and sale of geosynthetic solutions with a strong market position in France.

Through this acquisition, which was completed at the end of December 2020, BontexGeo aims to further grow its business and strengthens its presence in France, an important geosynthetic market in Europe.

“This acquisition allows us to form a stronger company with a wider product portfolio to better serve our customers,” explains Rob van der Valk, Managing Director of BontexGeo. “Since the BontexGeo Group became an independent in 2019, we were dedicated to grow the company and confirm our reputation as a market leader in geotextiles. The acquisition of Terageos enables both and additionally provides us a significantly increased presence in the French market, through the established commercial network of Terageos.”

Terageos SA is an important player on the French geosynthetic market, with their composite products and as distributor of other geosynthetic products. As such, Terageos is also a long-standing partner of BontexGeo for the distribution of the Bontec range of geotextiles in France.

Terageos will remain operational under the same name, as part of the BontexGeo Group. Mr. Patrick Brochier, the President of Terageos, will remain in his current position to further manage the company together with his team.

“Bontexgeo has always been one of the main partners of Terageos,” says Patrick Brochier, president of Terageos. “This transaction will allow our companies to work together even more closely and benefit from the expertise present in both companies. Our manufacturing capabilities and products also complement the current BontexGeo portfolio to allow an improved service and offering to the market.”

About the BontexGeo Group

BontexGeo is one of the leading suppliers of geotextiles with manufacturing locations in Europe. The company is selling into more than 60 countries worldwide. Bontexgeo has a long history, dating back to 1925, in the development and production of technical textiles and has a proven track record of over 30 years in the production and supply of geotextiles. Bontexgeo develops, produces and sells high quality nonwovens and wovens made from different polymers, which help our customers to be successful in their projects. Typical applications include erosion control in coastal protection, road and railway construction projects, membrane protection in landfills and drainage systems.

About Terageos

Terageos is a company that is specialized in the design, production and sale of high-end specialty geosynthetic products for use in construction and environmental projects. The geocomposite products have proven performance as drainage components, providing erosion control, water proofing and more. Terageos has an extensive commercial network in France for the distribution of its products. Terageos was established in 1994 in France and is headquartered in Veurey Voroize, France.

For further information:

Rob van der Valk, Managing Director BontexGeo, +31 6 53 33 65 65

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BontexGeo reprend Terageos

Zele, 13/01/2021 – La groupe Bontexgeo, un des leaders dans la production et la commercialisation de géotextile à destination du génie civil, a conclu un accord en vue de l’acquisition de 100% des actions de la société Française Terageos SA, spécialisée dans la production et la vente des géosynthétiques et qui dispose d’une importante part du marché en France.

Par cette acquisition, qui a été conclue à la fin du mois de décembre 2020, Bontexgeo vise à accroître sa présence en France, qui constitue un marché important sur le plan Européen.

« Cette acquisition nous permet de devenir une entreprise plus forte avec une gamme de produits plus large, nous permettant de mieux servir nos clients », selon Rob van der Valk, Managing Director de Bontexgeo. « Depuis que le groupe Bontexgeo est devenu indépendant en 2019, nous nous efforçons de faire croître la société et d’affirmer notre réputation de leader sur le marché des Géotextiles. L’acquisition de Terageos s’inscrit dans ces deux objectifs, et permet par ailleurs de croître de manière significative sur le marché Français grâce au réseau commercial de Terageos. »

Terageos SA est un acteur important sur le marché Français des géosynthétiques avec leurs produits composites et en tant que distributeur d’autres produits géosynthétiques. A ce titre, Terageos est depuis longtemps partenaire de Bontexgeo pour la distribution de ses produits géotextiles « Bontec » en France.

Terageos poursuivra son activité sous le même nom en tant que membre du groupe Bontexgeo. Mr Patrick Brocher, Président de Terageos, conservera sa fonction actuelle afin de poursuivre la gestion avec les équipes en place.

« Bontexgeo est un des principaux partenaires de Terageos », selon Patrick Brocher, Président de Terageos. « Cette transaction va permettre à nos deux sociétés de collaborer encore plus étroitement et de bénéficier de l’expérience de chacune des deux sociétés. Nos capacités de production et nos produits complèteront aussi la gamme actuelle de Bontexgeo  et permettront d’accroître notre offre et service. »

Présentation de la groupe BontexGeo

BontexGeo est l’un des principaux fournisseurs de géotextiles, disposant de capacité de production en Europe. Ses produits sont commercialisés dans 60 pays sur tous les continents. Bontexgeo dispose depuis 1925 d’une longue expérience dans le développement et la production de textiles techniques, et, depuis plus de 30 ans, plus particulièrement dans celle de géotextile. Bontexgeo développe, produit et commercialise des tissés et non-tissés, réalisés à partir de différents polymères, contribuant au succès des projets de ses clients. On dénombre parmi les applications, le contrôle des protections côtières, des projets routiers ou ferroviaires, des protections de sol et des systèmes de drainage.

Présentation de Terageos

Terageos est une société spécialisée dans l’étude, la production et la vente de produits spécifiques dans le domaine des géosynthétiques pour des projets de construction ou environnementaux. Les produits géocomposites ont fait leurs preuves dans le domaine du drainage, ainsi que dans celui de l’érosion, l’étanchéité, et autres. Terageos dispose d’un important réseau commercial en France afin d’assurer la distribution de ses produits . Terageos fut constituée en 1994 en France et a son siège social à Veurey Voroize, France.

Pour plus d’information:

Rob van der Valk, Managing Director BontexGeo, +31 6 53 33 65 65

COVID-19 Information statement

Given the recent developments concerning COVID-19, we want to make sure you are informed about our approach and how this may impact our relation.


Our production and supply currently remains unaffected by COVID-19 and we see no risk of supply in the near future. Of course, we can not control how this situation evolves. If we would identify any factors that might adversely influence our supply in any way, we will get in touch with you to decide on the best way to handle this.


Following the recent outbreak and spread of the COVID-19 disease, we have taken measures to handle this new situation and to make sure that an impact on our production and supply is avoided or kept to the absolute minimum.

  • We closely monitor national and international advice and rules to avoid the further spreading of the disease.
  • We have stopped international travel of our staff. Instead, we encourage our staff to make use of the available digital meeting tools as an alternative.
  • We cancelled attendance to or postponed events where a lot of people gather.
  • If possible, we let employees work from home. Of course, everyone remains available as usual.

When considering travel to or meetings with customers, we will also take into consideration any rules that may apply at the customer’s company.

All aspects considered, things remain business as usual. We are only organizing ourselves in a different way to make sure that our service remains unaffected and our staff remains healthy.

We hope this statement contains an answer to concerns you might have with COVID-19 in relationship to our collaboration, Of course, we remain at your disposal for any additional questions you may have.

Stay healthy!

New Ownership – New Name

On 3 September 2019 Low & Bonar PLC has announced that it has completed the sale of their civil engineering business, which includes the production facilities in Belgium and Hungary, to Nimbus, a Netherlands based private equity fund. This sale is in line with the  strategy announced on July 11, 2018 to dispose of the civil engineering division in order to simplify their portfolio and improve their debt position.

Nimbus currently has around 35 companies in its portfolio spread across Europe. The companies in the portfolio are almost exclusively manufacturing companies, and all have in common that they have an established market position. Nimbus consists of a team of hands-on investors who bring capital, vision and inspiration to our company so that we can aspire higher goals and look forward to a bright future. This change of ownership will also enable us to improve our service levels and make further investments.

The sale does not affect current agreements or engagements. We will continue to operate from the same production locations and offices in Belgium and Hungary. Any contacts, current conditions, quotes and estimates will remain the same. Additionally our service levels and our commitment to our customers will continue as before. On top of that, our products and brand names remain unchanged.  Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions concerning this change. A new future calls for a new company name. We are pleased to announce our new company name and logo:

Bontexgeo Logo

Below, you can find an overview of our company details and what has changed or remains unchanged. May we ask you to update or add our company details in your files.

table overview of what changes and what remains the same with our new name.

We welcome you to Bontexgeo and look forward to continue working with you !