Bontec Minirolls

Bontec Minirolls

What are geotextiles?

Geotextiles are permeable products used within the building and construction industry to assist in a construction with soil and/or rock for separation, filtration, reinforcement and protection.

Their proven usefulness in Civil Engineering is also useful for the domestic market, where numerous uses can be found around the house. Geotextiles offer a cost saving solution for all kinds of different home and garden projects. Our Bontec minirolls are offered in small dimensions making them a very versatile and easy to use solution for these kind of smaller projects.

Minirolls geotextile for filtration and separation

How do they work?

Geotextiles perform several different functions: the two main functions of separation and filtration however account for the majority of their use. Additional functions are protection and reinforcement.

As a separation product, the use of a geotextile between two dissimilar soil materials prevents them from intermixing. An example of this could be the geotextile preventing gravel used to form a driveway from being pushed down into the underlying soil.

As a filtration layer, the use of a geotextile allows the passage of water from a soil whilst preventing the uncontrolled passage of soil particles. An example of use could be a geotextile wrapped around a granular drainage trench.

Typical applications for the home and garden range

  • Preventing the loss of granular material into the underlying soil below driveways, access roads, footpaths, patios and other paved surfaces.
  • Improving the foundation below the sand bedding layer under block paving.
  • Preventing soil from entering drainage systems such as trench drains, back of wall drains and soakaways.
  • Protecting pond liners from puncture.
  • Use below topsoil on roof terraces and gardens.
  • Temporary storage surfaces for sand and gravel; the geotexile prevents mixing of the soils.
  • Protecting a grass lawn during construction works.
  • Preventing the loss/mixing of sand/bark with the subsoil in sandpits/play areas.
  • Allowing the escape of excess water in flower boxes yet retaining the potting soil.

Installation details

Due to their small size, the Bontec minirolls are easy to manipulate and install.

  • Level the surface and remove any large stones or sharp edges. Any resulting holes should be filled.
  • Unfold the geotextile into position, cutting to size with a sharp knife or scissors as necessary. Where wide areas require to be covered simply overlap two layers by 300 mm.
  • Spread the fill material over the top of the geotextile and compact as necessary. The used geotextile is suitable for use with fill materials such as sand, gravel, tree bark, topsoil, etc.
  • Please avoid the prolonged exposure of the geotextile to natural sunlight.

How our products are used

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