Abrasion-resistant geotextile

BontexGeo’s RIGIDD 1100 is a unique geosynthetic solution that has been developed for use in demanding civil projects, where the product is subjected to continuous abrasive forces from surrounding material. 

Rail stability

In railways, an important aspect of maintaining a high-level track platform is to ensure that the ballast layer is not contaminated with subsurface particles. The introduction of such particles can lead to rail deformation and instability of the ballast layer. A large amount of fine particles in the ballast layer also leads to a significant reduction in water permeability, which can lead to track saturation.  

A solution for a longer service life 

In order to limit contamination of the ballast layer and increase service life, RIGIDD 1100 can be used under the ballast layer as a separation and filtration layer. As such, the product will prevent the upward movement of particles from the subsurface into the ballast layer. Due to the continuous vibrations of passing trains, the rocks in the ballast move continuously and cause friction. These abrasive forces prevent the use of standard separation geotextiles, because for the geotextile to retain its functionality, it must withstand these forces and maintain its functionality throughout its service life. RIGIDD 1100 has been specially designed to be used in these conditions in contact with the ballast layer.  

A product you can count on 

RIGIDD 1100 is the result of a state-of-the-art and patented production process, leading to excellent abrasion resistance combined with outstanding filtration characteristics.  

To objectively assess abrasion resistance, the product was subjected to “Vibrogir” tests in SNCF laboratories in France. In this specially designed test, the material is brought into contact with a layer of ballast. A rail is placed on top of the ballast layer and a motor creates a vibration on the rail to simulate large amounts of train movement.

RIGIDD 1100 emerges from this difficult test still undamaged. The tests show that the water permeability (EN ISO 11058) of the product after the test is still at +/- 95% of the initial value.  

Following these tests, RIGIDD 1100 was accepted by SNCF for use as a separation/filtration geotextile for use under ballast layers. 

Unmatched durability 

In addition to high abrasion resistance, RIGIDD 1100 comes with outstanding durability characteristics. The product comes with a 1-month UV exposure declaration (EN 12224) and a service life of 100 years (EN 13250).  

RIGIDD 1100 is made of 100% virgin polypropylene, which makes it highly resistant to acids and alkalis, hydrolysis, oxidation, and microbiological attack.  

The fact that RIGIDD 1100 is 100% polypropylene makes it easy to recycle.

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