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Geotextiles can be used in a variety of ways to protect trees and control their root growth. In landscaping and urban design, geotextiles are often used as a protective barrier around the base of trees. This helps to prevent damage to the tree’s roots from pedestrian and vehicle traffic, as well as from lawnmowers and other equipment. The geotextile material can be placed around the tree, between the trunk and the drip line, which is the outermost edge of the tree’s canopy.

Additionally, geotextiles can be used to control the growth of tree roots, particularly in areas where the roots may cause damage to sidewalks, roads, or buildings. This can be done by installing a geotextile barrier around the tree, extending down to a depth of several feet below the surface. The barrier creates a physical barrier that the roots cannot penetrate. The roots will grow downwards and away from the barrier. This can be especially useful in urban areas where trees are planted near buildings and other infrastructure.

Green & Blue Roofs

A typical application in urban infrastructure is green & blue roof systems. These systems are used to mitigate the impacts of increased surface water run-off, thereby reducing the burden on conventional drainage and sewer networks. Geotextiles from an integral part of these systems with different applications. Geotextiles can protect the waterproofing liners, will act as a filter in the geocomposite drainage products and can provide additional strength to the system.

Rain water management

Built environments require optimal management of rain water, to avoid damage or hinder. Geotextiles find their use in the creation of retention systems, permeable paving systems and ponds and bassins.


Typical applications

  • Geotextiles are used as protective barriers around tree bases
  • Geotextile barriers for root growth control
  • Geotextiles for erosion control
  • Suitable for urban areas with limited space
  • essential part of water management systems
  • green & blue roofs


  • Prevent damage from pedestrian and vehicle traffic
  • Shield roots from lawn mowers and equipment
  • Protect sidewalks, roads, and buildings from root damage
  • Erosion control by placing geotextiles on soil to prevent erosion and protect roots.
  • efficient rain water management


Overall, geotextiles can be a valuable tool in building and urban infrastructure. They can be used to prevent damage to tree roots from traffic and equipment, to create physical barriers to limit root growth, to better manage storm water and in the construction of rain water management systems.

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