About BontexGeo

Our Mission

We aim to provide high quality solutions to the construction and infrastructure industry that lead to increased performance and lifetime expectancy and a reduced environmental impact of the construction projects.

To this aim, we develop, produce and sell high-end geosynthetics made from different polymers, which help our customers to be successful in their projects.

We are one of the leading suppliers of geosynthetics with manufacturing locations in Europe and have been a reliable partner to our customers and associates for over 30 years.

BontexGeo operates in a strong culture towards health and safety, the environment and high quality, so our customers can trust and rely on our products to provide a fitting solution for their needs.

Our Values


  • We keep the customer in mind in everything we do.
  • We work together with our customers to find the optimal solutions
  • We build long-term relationships with our customers


  • We continuously strive to improve and operate in the most optimal way
  • We focus on doing things right from the first time
  • Resources (raw materials, time, people) are limited, so we use them in the most efficient way


  • We respect all people
  • We work together as a team to reach our goals
  • We show respect to our planet and minimize our impact on the environment


  • We operate according to sound moral and ethical principles
  • We do not take part in unfair trading practices
  • We communicate and operate with honesty and trust

Our History

BontexGeo has a long history, dating back to 1925, in various markets. Since the 80s we have been developing, producing and providing woven and nonwoven geotextiles to the market. During that period, our company name has changed a couple of times (Bonar Technical Fabrics, Geotipptex, Bonar, Low & Bonar). What never changed is our commitment to quality and service.

Bontexgeo Group

BontexGeo is a proud member of the Bontexgeo Group, a leading group of developers and manufacturers of geosynthetics and other high-quality materials for the construction and infrastructure industry.

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