Tunnels are very efficient parts of our transport infrastructure as they allow quick transport underneath water or ground. Typical areas are mountain regions or underneath rivers and canals and in urban areas. Tunnels typically form critical corridors in these regions and require maximal operating efficiency. Selecting the right geotextile products during the design and construction can help in creating a long lasting tunnel infrastructure that will serve many years with reduced cost and service needs.

Construction of tunnels typically requires the installation of a waterproofing layer to avoid water intrusion into the tunnel. To guarantee the functionality of the layer and avoid perforation or leaks a robust and high quality nonwoven geotextile should be used. This will provide a long-lasting layer of protection to the liner. In addition, this geotextile can also provide drainage alongside the membrane.

For bored tunnel construction, where risks of fire need to be minimized to guarantee a safe work environment, BontexGeo has developed special fire resistant geotextiles that should be used as a protection layer.

Geotextiles can also be used during the construction phase as a separation and filtration layer to construct the access roads and construction areas efficiently with reduced use of granular material.

Typical applications

  • Construction of bored and cut-and-cover tunnels
  • Protection of the waterproofing liner
  • Added drainage functionality to the system


  • Improves stability and performance of the tunnel.
  • Reduces maintenance and repair costs.
  • Enhances safety and longevity of the tunnel structure.
  • Provides versatile solutions for various construction challenges


Overall, geotextiles are a valuable tool in tunnel construction because they can improve the stability and performance of the tunnel, while also reducing maintenance and repair costs. They can be used in a variety of ways, including as a protection layer, drainage layer and in the surrounding construction site to enhance the safety and longevity of the tunnel.


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