Bontec® HF

Woven geotextile for separation and filtration

HF woven geotextiles are an exclusive range of high-flow textiles with considerable mechanical strength and outstanding waterflow and pore size characteristics that will satisfy even the most demanding hydraulic applications. These products were developed for use in applications where a high permeability is critical together with a requirement for good filtration.

The HF (High Flow) range of geotextiles can be used as a filter wrap, an erosion control layer, a filter or separation layer or for load transfer. The geotextile will allow the passage of fluids without the uncontrolled passage of soil, as well as enabling the rapid removal of any excess water through its surface even in fine particle soils.

The HF range should be used where the rapid flow of water is critical and where reverse flows may be encountered. The unique characteristics of this high quality geotextile is down to its composition of polypropylene and polyethylene yarns.

Technical details

  • Characteristic opening sizes ranging from 180 to 1300 microns
  • Water flows up to 600 litres/m².s normal to the plane of the geotextile
  • Tensile strengths up to 40 kN/m
  • CBR puncture values up to 6 kN
  • Available ex stock in rolls 5.25 m wide or in other widths to order
  • Standard roll length 100 m


• Separation

• Filtration

How our products are used


  • Granular drainage trenches and blankets
  • Artificial sports surfaces, equestrian arenas
  • Storm water control systems


  • Minimum 100 year durability
  • A fine filter mesh of uniform aperture size throughout the length and width of the product and every roll
  • Reliable hydraulic characteristics to maximise long-term filtration
  • The structure reduces the chances of fabric blocking and clogging
  • Mechanical characteristics offer high tensile strength and puncture values
  • Significant reduction of carbon footprint and costs compared to traditional methods

Additional information

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