Bontec® PhormiRoot Plus

High quality needle punched nonwoven and a high density polyethylene film. 

Bontec® PhormiRoot Plus is a one-of-a-kind product within the BontexGeo range, consisting of a superior high quality needle punched, lightly thermally bonded nonwoven geotextile and a strong high density polyethylene film. This combination offers very good protection against root penetration in a large variety of situations. 

Through the combination of a nonwoven geotextile with superior puncture resistance and a heavy duty impregnable polyethylene film, PhormiRoot Plus creates an impermeable barrier. This provides a solution for users who need to control up to which point roots are allowed to grow.

Even the growth path of more aggressive plants, such as bamboo, can be easily controlled.

Technical details

PhormiRoot Plus is a product consisting of a high quality needle punched nonwoven and a high density polyethylene film.

  • Tested according to CEN/TS 14416, the standard in determining the resistance to roots
  • Tensile strength of 17 kN/m
  • CBR Puncture resistance of 3,000 kN
  • Color: black/white
  • Installation should be done vertically, enclosing the roots. The black side must face the roots
  • Available in a width of 1m. This width provides a sufficiently deep installation depth, given the fact that roots grow mainly horizontally
  • Roll length 50m


  • Roads
  • Pipeline installations
  • Grass lawn
  • Boardwalks
  • Landscaping
  • Protection of structures


  • High puncture resistance to prevent roots from piercing the fabric
  • The impermeable polyethylene film makes sure that moisture stays where it is most desired
  • Prevent roots from growing underneath sidewalks and paved surfaces, thus preventing damage to these surfaces
  • Prevent roots from cracking and damaging walls or concrete structures
  • Protect underground structures such as pipes and drains
  • Control the growth path of roots and plants, increasing possibilities and lowering maintenance in landscaping

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