Liefkenshoek railway tunnel in Belgium

Bontec NW 25 - Antwerp, Belgium


Bontec® NW


130.000 m²

The Liefkenshoek railway tunnel is a double railway with a length of 16.2 km in Antwerp.
The railway is only for freight trains and forms a direct connection between the docks located to the east and west of the Scheldt.
Next to that, it also connects the Bundle South with the railway yard in Antwerp North.


A design was needed that would result in a durable and stable construction.
To improve the lifetime of the construction, movement of subsoil into the granular material had to be avoided.
This makes sure that the granular material keeps it function for a longer period of time and the stability is maintained.


Bontec NW 25 was used in the construction as a separation layer between the subsoil and the granular material.
Here it acts as a filter when water flows through the construction, blocking fine soil particles, thus allowing the granular material to maintain its high drainage capacity.
It therefore keeps its specifications for a longer period of time and leads to a more durable construction.

In the early phase of construction, the geotextile also helped in establishing a more stable working platform, allowing the next steps of construction to go faster.
In the middle of the railway, NW 25 was placed beneath a geogrid, which provided reinforcement for the sub-foundation.

Bontec NW 25 is a nonwoven geotextile that meets both CE requirements and the more demanding specifications of the Belgian technical prescriptions for the use of geotextiles in railways.
In total, about 130.000 m² was supplied and used at the main entrance and exit of the tunnel complex.

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