Bontec® SG

Woven geotextile for separation and reinforcement

Bontec woven geotextiles offer the perfect cost-effective solution for separation, reinforcement and filtration. Bontec woven geotextiles are manufactured from polypropylene tapes.

Bontec SG is used in areas such as access roads and hard standings, roadways, car parks and coastal defence projects. One of its primary uses is in separation applications where there is a requirement to prevent intermixing of soft in-situ soils with good clean granular fill. A range of aperture sizes is available for Bontec SG woven geotextiles.

Compared to nonwovens, the Bontec SG range shows a greater mechanical strength per unit weight, providing a cost efficient and reliable solution for roads and temporary access roads.

Technical details

  • Manufactured from highly durable polypropylene.
  • Tensile strengths from 14 to 80 kN/m
  • CBR puncture strengths ranging from 1.8 to 12.5 kN
  • Available from stock in rolls of 5.25 m width as standard or other widths to order
  • Standard roll length 100 m


• Separation

• Filtration

How our products are used


  • Site access roads
  • New roadways
  • Hardstandings
  • Car parks
  • Industrial units
  • Coastal defense projects


  • Minimum 100 year durability
  • Mechanical properties offer maximum strength at minimal cost
  • Greater mechanical strength per unit weight compared to comparable nonwovens
  • Enables water flow rates normal to the plane greater than those stipulated in the design
  • Significant reduction of carbon footprint and costs compared to traditional methods
  • Resistant to acids and alkalis at ambient temperatures
  • High biological resistance


Additional information

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