Landfill construction in Hungary

Tipptex BS16 & B60 - Dubnik-valley Tatabánya, Hungary


Tipptex® BS / NS


66.500 m²

In Dubnik-valley Tatabánya Waste Treatment Centre was built within the framework of the „Danube-Vértes Köze Regional Waste Management Program”.
This project included a new landfill construction with two cassettes.



During the design and construction of the two cassettes with 66.500 m² landfill space in all, regulations related to landfill and waste dumping of the Ministry of Water and Environment had to be considered. Moreover, the most economical and also technically suitable solution had to be chosen.
The most appropriate geophysical monitoring system, sealing, and drainage layers had to be built.


Installing Tipptex nonwoven geotextiles in combination with a drainage geocomposite meant a cost efficient and regulation related solution for creating long time reliable, high performing, and cost-efficient drainage, separation, and protection layers.

The advantage of Tipptex nonwoven geotextiles produced and distributed by Bontexgeo is the use of the latest punching and thermally bonding technologies which, besides the same areal density, result in significantly better parameters than other products on the market.
Tipptex B60, with a mass per unit area of 1200 g/m², was used to protect the 2.5 mm thick membrane. It offers 18 kN static puncture resistance and 80 kN/m tensile strength;
Tipptex BS16, with a mass per unit area of 200 g/m², was used as a separation and filtration layer. It offers 2,8 kN static puncture resistance and 16 kN tensile strength.

Our production capabilities allow us to produce even a 1200 g/m² nonwoven in one production run, resulting in a more cost-efficient solution in comparison to combining 2 lower weight products.

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landfill-construction-membrane-protection-hungary landfill-construction-membrane-protection-hungary

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