Redesign Shopping Mall in Israel

Redesign Shopping Mall in Israel

Case study Bontec® NW 15

A new shopping mall is being constructed in Kiryat Ata, Israel. To accomodate the water run-off from the adjacent multistory car park, a long lasting, high performance drainage layer needs to be incorporated in the construction. Bontec® NW 15 geotextile was introduced as part of the solution.

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Redesign Shopping mall in Israel
Redesign Shopping Mall in Israel


NW 15 is used in the construction to maintain the specifications of the drainage cells for a long period and thus contributes to a more durable and stable construction. The nonwoven avoids that debris and fine particles end up in the drainage cells, which would lower the retention capacity or even block the entire system. By using a nonwoven geotextile in the construction, maintenance costs are lowered and a long performance of the construction can be expected.

Bontec® NW 15

Bontec® NW 15 is a needle punched, thermally treated, nonwoven geotextile. Its characteristics make it a very suitable product as filtration and separation layer. It has excellent hydraulic characteristics to allow unhindered flow of water, while retaining fine
particles. Its high strength to weight ratio means the product will withstanding damages during installation and use.

Bontec® NW 15 Geotextile
Bontec® NW 15 Geotextile – Kiryat Ata, Israel

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