What are Geotextiles?


Geotextiles are woven, nonwoven or knitted textile materials consisting of synthetic and or natural polymers. They are used in geotechnical and civil engineering applications, such as infrastructure works, roads, railways, coastal protection, landfills, erosion control…

BontexGeo offers an extensive range of woven and nonwoven geotextiles used in applications throughout the world with proven benefits.


Geotextile products have been improving geotechnical designs for years, providing numerous advantages in comparison to traditional techniques:

  • A reduced environmental impact when using geotextiles.
    In use as a filter layer instead of traditional materials, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by 90% and energy demand drops by > 80%.
    See Quality & Certification for more information.


  • A reduced thickness of the design.
    A geotextile fabric can act as a high performing filter layer, replacing up to 1m of filter material in e.g. erosion control systems.


  • A higher durability of the construction.
    When properly using geotextiles, the need for interventions and/or maintenance is reduced, thus significantly lowering the overall cost of the project.


  • A consistent performance.
    Geotextiles are generally more stable throughout the material compared to natural building materials, which are more susceptible to variations. This leads to a performance that is consistent in the entire project.