A1 Motor-highway in Romania

Tipptex BS8 – BS10 - Romania

The A1 Motorway in Romania is Motorway foreseen to connect Bucharest with the Western part of Romania and with the rest of Europe.
The part between Sibiu and Pitesti is currently under construction.

In order to develop the highway in the best way, Tipptex BS geotextiles were used as geotextile layers in the highway.

A1 Motorway in Romania - Tipptex BS


The highway under development connects Sibiu with Pitesti over a length of 123 km.
The construction consists of 6 sectors. Section V, which runs from Curtea de Arges to Pitesti is one of the longest sections under development with more than 30km of highway.

The highway is designed to provide an efficient transport means through Romania as it will optimize the layout of Romania’s highway network and improve the travel conditions of residents. It also forms a part of the European Corridors connecting Central Europe to the Black Sea.

To make sure the highway is constructed in the best possible way, the following points need to be taken into account:
◦ a long service life
◦ a limited need for repairs and maintenance
◦ a low environmental impact
◦ a cost-efficient solution


As part of the solution, Tipptex BS geotextiles were supplied to the construction as part of a durable cost-efficient solution.
Tipptex BS geotextiles are produced using high quality virgin polypropylene ensuring a high durability and high performance at optimal weight.

Tipptex BS10 nonwoven geotextile was chosen as the solution under the embankments to act as a separation and filtration layer.
The product provides high water flows normal to the plane while the low opening size makes sure granular material is kept in place. This makes sure the different construction layers maintain their integrity and functionality and ensures a long term stability.

In Section V 1.2 million m² of Tipptex BS10 was supplied and installed in a timely manner.
At several points in the section, gabions were also installed. To provide efficient filtration underneath these gabions, Tipptex BS8 nonwoven geotextile was selected.
The product provides an efficient solution at low weight.
All products were supplied out of BontexGeo Kft at a width of 6.5m, optimizing transport loading, leading to a quick and efficient installation, and minimizing the need for overlay areas.


The production capabilities and high quality products of BontexGeo Kft provided a cost-efficient and durable solution for both the separation layer underneath the embankment and the filter layer underneath the gabions.

Products used

◦ Tipptex BS10
◦ Tipptex BS8

A1 Motor-highway in Romania A1 Motor-highway in Romania

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