Latest news BontexGeo’s Commitment to Sustainability: Renewal of EcoVadis Certificate

In the dynamic world of corporate social responsibility, BontexGeo proudly announces the renewal of its EcoVadis certificate, affirming its dedication to conducting business in a responsible and sustainable manner.


What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis is a globally recognized provider of business sustainability ratings, offering a standardized rating system for over 75,000 companies to assess their sustainability performance and evaluate their supply chain partners.

EcoVadis ratings primarily evaluate a company’s CSR practices, focusing on 21 sustainability topics across four vital categories: environment, labor & human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement.

BontexGeo’s Commitment to Sustainability

BontexGeo’s renewal of the EcoVadis certificate underscores its commitment to responsible and sustainable business practices. Sustainability is at the core of BontexGeo’s operations, reflecting its belief in creating a positive impact.

Bronze medal certificate 2023

The EcoVadis Bronze medal certificate for 2023 symbolizes BontexGeo’s dedication to ethical and sustainable business operations.

Renewing the EcoVadis certificate is an annual commitment that reflects BontexGeo’s ongoing efforts to align with sustainability standards and contribute to a sustainable future.

BontexGeo’s renewal of the EcoVadis certificate for 2023 emphasizes its unwavering commitment to sustainability and responsible corporate practices. This partnership with EcoVadis is instrumental in achieving BontexGeo’s goal of being a positive force for change in the industry.


Discover our EcoVadis Certificate 2023 Renewal here!

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